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 Frequently Asked Questions 
What People Want to Know about White Dove Releases 

Below are some of the questions people ask us most frequently. If you have questions that aren't on this list, feel free to contact us, and we'll do our best to answer them for you.


  Where do the doves go after they are released?

They circle overhead to get their bearings, and then they head home to the loft where they are rewarded with all the food they can eat.

 Are all doves that are released, trained to return to a home location?

Yes! All birds that are released as part of our program are trained on an ongoing basis which keeps their navigation skills sharp and alert.

  Are dove releases suitable for all different age groups, younger as well as older generations?

Absolutely! We perform dove releases for all ages ranging from 2-100 years old.  The younger generations, as well as the older generations order these services for all occasions.  These services are not age, nor generation specific.  These birds capture everyones attention and Interest, regardless of age.  

  How do the doves find their way back home?

The released doves are released are called Rock Doves, and they also are known as white racing homing pigeons. They navigate their way home using magnetic fields.

   How long does it take for the doves to get home?

The doves travel between 45-50 miles per hour and usually fly non-stop until they reach their home.

   How many doves should I release?

We can release 1-100 doves at a given time. However, the number of doves released is a personal choice. Please see our Dove Release Packages page for details.

   Will the doves make a mess?

The doves are fed a special diet before they are released, enabling them to perform without soiling. They fly with their feet tucked up underneath their body, which also prevents droppings.

   Can the doves be bought from a pet store and be released?

No, doves bought in pet stores do not have the homing ability; therefore, it would be inhumane to release these pet-store doves in the wild. They would quickly fall prey to other animals.

Please support your local dove business by arranging the birds through trained professionals. The goal is to have people think and talk highly of the service, not make fun of it. Dove releases not performed by knowledgeable staff can bring undesired results. There is a right way and a wrong way to liberate doves.

The handlers have many years experience releasing doves, and will take care of the arrangements so you don't have to worry on your special day.

   Can the doves be released indoors?

No, they are trained only to be released outdoors. However, they always make a beautiful indoor display.

   Can the doves be released at dark?

Normally the doves must be released one hour prior to sunset to enable them to return home to their loft before dark, however, if prior arrangements are made, we can safely release them for plays at nightime. Please click here to calculate 'sundown' in your area.  There is a large debate among other individuals in this industry that say that it is "unethical" to release the birds at nightime.  This is strictly a preference decision on behalf of the handler.  As an active member of the most reputable organization in this country that deals with Racing Birds, The (ARPU) American Racing Pigeon Union, we have birds that fly at night time that are trained to do so.  True racing homing pigeons should  only be released if they are in the condition to do so.  Races can range anywhere from 150 miles- to as far as 500 miles.  These birds fly nonstop to reach their destination and are truly incredible.  A White Dove Release Professional should only release their birds according to the capability their birds possess to safely make it home, this is the bottom line.  If the birds are trained properly, they can fly anytime of the day.  There are plays all over the country that release doves at nightime, they can do this because they are trained to do this.  It all goes back to the knowing of the capability of the birds that are being released by the handler. 

  What happens if inclement weather prevents the release?

The doves may be displayed indoors.  Please see further details concerning this on our Policy agreement.   

   Can the doves be released from your hands?

Yes!! We allow many of our clients to hold the dove prior to releasing it,however, care must be taken when handling the doves in order to prevent unintentional injury to the birds. We show you how to properly handle them so when its time to let them fly, it makes for a spectacular scene! This opportunity to hold the doves adds value to the overall experience for our clients. Please ask the coordinator about this opportunity.

   How can doves be released at a church wedding?

The doves can be released outside, following the ceremony or as the couple leaves the reception. This dove release can take the place of throwing rice or other common rituals.

The Five W’s of UNITED DOVES L.L.C.


v  WHO:  United Doves L.L.C. We are a professional and private White Dove Release Company with several franchised locations across the USA. All locations are privately owned and operated under our guidance we teach to our Franchisees.

v WHAT: We have a combined experience of over 85 years in releasing Ceremonial White Doves which have flown for Weddings, Funerals, and other special occasions. We provide Professional White Dove Releases which create “An Inspirational Experience” for our Clients and Customers across the country. Over 15,500 Recorded White Dove Releases and counting…. and the birds are all trained to make it home safely to their loft after each release assignment. There is tremendous symbolism is releasing doves.

v  WHEN: In 1989, Daniel Hash (Founder) began releasing his “RARE” (50) White Homing Pigeons flock on a regular basis in Utah for special events as requested. As business grew solely by word of mouth, he soon became the “Go to person” for others interested in getting started in this niche business for releasing White Doves. All birds that are released at our various locations are properly trained to fly year around during daylight hours.

v WHERE: Headquartered now outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have multiple locations across the country and look forward to opening up many more locations as we move forward to expand the business efforts. The birds that are released at these various locations are all properly trained out to “Return Home” after being released. These can return home safely from hundreds of miles when trained to do so.

v  WHY: Our purpose is to fill a need which provides a beautiful service designed to bring comfort, peace, as well as inspiration to those who desire to incorporate White Doves into their ceremony or service.  There are a lot of upcoming dove release companies getting started; however, it’s very important that one is able to distinguish the Professionals from the Hobbyist’s. This is a professional business we dress and operate in, and we absolutely love what we do!! Let us help create that special moment which will be cherished for years to come with the celebration of a White Dove Release.



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